Why Make Your Magento Website Responsive?

In this modern day and age nearly every human being owns some kind of mobile or tablet device that is connected to the internet. It is predicted that by 2017 mobile traffic will actually overtake desktop traffic and with that year coming closer it is almost compulsory to ensure that your website is ‘responsive’. As a freelance Magento developer I no longer build a new Magento website unless its going to be fully responsive. So what does the term ‘responsive’ actually mean?

Any freelance Magento developer will tell you that a ‘responsive’ website is a website that reacts to the width of the browser window or viewport that it is being viewed from. What this means is that regardless of whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or desktop computer, all of your users will get a tailored view to your website which will increase their engagement and have a positive effect on your users browsing experience.

So why is this important for your Magento website I hear you asking? I normally do my online shopping on my desktop computer! Ask any freelance Magento developer, if you jump on the train to Waterloo during rush hour, have a look around and I bet that 80% of passengers on your train are browsing the internet using some kind of mobile or tablet device. The trend we are starting to see appear is that a lot of your customers will actually carry out the research phase of the buying process on their mobile or tablet device during their journey to and from work. Once they have researched one of your products on their journey home they will then probably go home, have some dinner, and go back to the very same website they were viewing earlier on their desktop or iPad and purchase the product.

A responsive website ensures that users on mobile devices have a bespoke experience that is tailored for the device they are browsing on. A non-responsive website can be extremely frustrating to use on a mobile device with you have to zoom in and out and press tiny buttons. By providing this bespoke mobile experience the user enjoys browsing and researching your products on your website and therefore is encouraged to come back again after leaving refreshed and excited about making their purchase. Not to mention that there is always a good chance that may not be able to wait until they get home and actually purchase the product there and then on their mobile device. Either way a ‘responsive’ website is required to ensure they have a positive and happy browsing experience.

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